There is a mindfulness meditation aspect of every EMBER™ class.  While Michele and Marybeth teach a number of types of meditative practices, both are iRest Yoga Nidra teachers and their styles are heavily influenced by this practice..  iRest Yoga Nidra, developed by the psychologist Richard Miller, iRest (Integrative Restoration) is a carefully structured practice of meditative self-inquiry, in which practitioners scan the body, breath, emotions, and thoughts, exploring patterns and contrasts, learning to welcome whatever they find. Through this deeply restful guided practice, practitioners hone the capacity to differentiate – and ultimately integrate - the many tangled sensations, memories, feelings, and beliefs through which trauma has hijacked their body and mind.

Studies of iRest have suggested its beneficial effects for survivors of trauma. Pioneered with Gulf War veterans at Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland, the program found that participants reported notable reductions in symptoms of rage, anxiety, and emotional reactivity and a marked increase in feelings of relaxation, self awareness, self efficacy, and peace. So beneficial has it proven that it has been adopted by the US military and is regularly offered to veterans suffering symptoms of PTSD.