What Tapestry’s clinical staff attribute to the EMBER program:

•            Women showed greater receptivity to treatment, which better prepares them for recovery

•            Improved ability to self-regulate

•            Improved coping skills, and increased ability to draw on them when needed

•            Decreased tendency toward disruptive behavior

•            Improved self-esteem, which increased the effectiveness of individual therapy

•            Increased connectedness with community

•            Improved capacity to respond rather than react to peers

•           Women became positive role models for the community which improved the effectiveness of group therapy sessions

•            Increased calm, patience, and capacity for relaxation

•            Increased compassion and open-mindedness

•            More focused and attentive

•            More in touch with themselves on a physical basis

•            They found EMBER to be useful for women who have experienced trauma, those dealing with anger and anxiety issues, and especially those who lack coping skills.

Feedback from EMBER participants at the Ohio Reformatory for Women:

“Excellent. Great energy. Helps me deal with a lot of anxiety and gave me coping skills. Major strengths of the course: connectedness, integrity.”

“Every prison should have this class”.

‘The instructors were amazing caring women and brought good energy into this dark place”.

“Honestly, everything was beyond excellent: the yoga poses, the instructors’ ability to see what the group needs during the sessions, and the handouts”.

“Excellent. I got a lot of use out of every class. I have made use of all the relaxation that I have gained. I give great thanks to both the ladies – they are great instructors”.

“Really taught me how to get in touch with myself and calm down quicker”.

“The strongest feature of the course was the choice to do what we feel we needed. THANK YOU”.

“Excellent. The strongest feature of the course was being able to share openly and honestly and trust those around me”. 

The women also noted:

Decreased symptoms of depression

Decreased symptoms of ADHD

Increased ability to relax

Increased ability to feel (not "numb out")

Increased skill set to deal with challenges

They acquired  tools to create space around intense feelings

Increased ability to notice and regulate self-destructive thoughts