EMBER™  mindfulness-based emotional resilience trainings are taught as 6, 8 or 12-week courses geared toward anyone wanting to learn and integrate more mindfulness into their lives.  Created by Marybeth Hamilton and Michele Vinbury, yoga teachers with a longstanding commitment to helping students feel at home in their bodies, the EMBER curriculum combines evidenced based practices to inspire personal growth and transformation.   At its core, EMBER teaches students how to skillfully develop the foundations of resilience: the capacity to bounce back from difficulty by drawing on inner reserves of calm, clarity, compassion, and courage.

EMBER's trauma sensitive program has been created specifically for men and women rebuilding their lives after experiences of trauma.  This curriculum has been designed to be implemented in recovery programs, halfway houses, prison reentry programs, and therapeutic communities.  Unlike traditional therapies that treat  trauma with talk-based approaches, EMBER focuses upon the body, with evidence-based tools and strategies that skillfully address trauma’s somatic dimension, the overwhelming physical and emotional sensations that make it so debilitating to endure. Recent research demonstrates that body-based methods are an effective adjunct treatment to talk therapy.  A combination approach has been shown to make it more feasible for survivors to successfully process and integrate overwhelming experiences.